Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC is an empowerment firm, which provides a wide range of customized empowerment training courses, products and services, geared toward adding enhancement to everyones lives.
Mission Statement
Our mission is to enhance the lives of those that we serve by helping them to discover effective strategies for continuous growth beyond their circumstances.

What is Empower  Empire?
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC is an empowerment firm, founded by Lakesha Jordan in January of 2018, which focuses on effective communication.  Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC  was created to add uniquely designed long term empowerment and supportive services to everyone we serve. 

What Empower Empire  Offers.
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC provides up to two hours of indepth consultations.  The consultation will always be held in an environment that is most comfortable for the client.  Each consultation offers a personable laid back tone, to ensure the client is always aware that they are in control of the consultation process. 

Booking for Speaking Engagements
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC specializes in effective communication.  We have speakers available for a variety of events. 
Empowerment Portfolio
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC offers customized business and personal empowerment portfolios.  These portfolios are a detailed outline of who the client is, inclusive of strengths, weaknesses and an empowerment plan for growth.

Empowerment Training Courses
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC provides a variety of empowerment training courses for . These courses are designed to train the consumer on effective ways to consistently motivate and empower their team.  We utilize the consultation process to determine the best training course for our consumers circumstances.  Our consumer will walk through the process of the training course development with us, to ensure that our firm covers all targeted areas for their growth or enhancement.

Empowerment Workshops
We provide interactive empowerment workshops that are geared toward helping our clients discover and/or enhance their natural skills, while teaching them how to utilize these skills to overcome any obstacles they may be faced with. 

The Young Entreprenuers Program
The Young Entreprenuers program is a mentorship program for school aged chilren.  This program teaches children about what it takes to become an entreprenuer in their career field of choice through research, games and by connecting them with professionals in the career field of their choice.  

Empowerment Products
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC develops a variety of empowerment products to help clients remain motivated and empowered throughout their journey in life.
Lakesha Jordans first book, "AT WAR WITH THYSELF", is an empowering book that dissects the root of many of the issues people face, while offering strategic ideas on how they can overcome any obstacle that may come their way. 

We create personalized empowerment quotes that can be affixed to any of your favorite items that you may use on a daily bases, such as cups, nightware, mirrors and dishes.
Our customized empowerment greeting cards will help to remind your loved one of how valuable they are.

Our empowerment quick references help our clients have empowerment techniques at their fingertips 24 hours a day. 

Membership Option
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC also offers a membership program, which allows our members to actively engage in community development, by working as a team to create and/or impliment ideas that can enhance their community.  Members are offered exclusive discounts for all services provided.  Their annual membership guarentees that they will be the first to know about upcoming products and services.  They will also get extended supportive services for their employees, clients, family members or students, as well as recieving reports on the progression of Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC.

About the Founder
 Lakesha Jordan is the founder of Empower Empire.  She was born and raised in New York City.  Lakesha Jordan grew up in the foster care system from the age of nine, until she was twenty one years old.  Her passion for helping people overcome their trials landed her in the mental and behavioral health field.
Lakesha Jordan coupled her personal and professional experience in the mental and behavioral health field, in order to create effective growth strategies for the individuals, families and businesses that she served throughout the years.  It was Lakeshas' own personal life trials that lead to her desire to empower the world around her.  

  As a child, born to parents who suffered with addictions, she and her siblings were placed in foster care, when she was nine years old.  By the time Lakesha was fifteen years old, she had succum to teenage homelessness, alcohol abuse, depression and two failed suicide attempts.  Her lack of direction lead to a very chaotic young adulthood.  Despite all that she had endured throughout her life, Lakesha found genuine joy in helping others discover their own beautiful uniqueness, as she worked hard to discover her purpose in life.
As a mentor, motivator and youth and family advocate for over twenty years, Lakesha sought to contribute to the growth and enhancement of everyone who had a consistent presence in her life, by helping them get through difficult areas in their lives.   However,  trial and error would prove to her that helping others did not have the same lasting effect as empowering others.  

In developing Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC , Lakesha began to create a community of people and buisnesses that desired to  include or add consistent empowerment to their environment, no matter what they were faced with in life. 

Sponsorships and Donations
Our sponsorship and donations program provides an opportunity, for clients, to help others grow as well.  Our sponsorship program is for those people or businesses that would like to add empowerment to someone elses life.  Whether you have the perfect person or family in mind, to recieve our services, or you simply want to be a silent sponsor or donor and have our firm pick a person or family to serve, we make it easy for you to add growth and empowerment to the world around you.

Empower Empire believes that everyone is their own empire.  Those empires deserve to be filled with joy, peace, continuous growth and success.