1. Public Speaker
    Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC strives to enhance the world around us by offering uniquely designed, interactive speaking engagements, that will leave the audience ready to take action in building or enhancing their empire. Contact us today for booking.
  2. Course Designer
    Here at Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC we are aware that one size does not fit all, which is why we are dedicated to working with our clients to develop customized training courses, designed to fit your specific needs. Contact us today to speak with an empowerment specialist.
  3. Products and Services
    Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC believes in continuous empowerment. Therefore, we provide a variety of empowerment products and services that are sure to keep you consistently motivated and empowered. Order your daily dose of empowerment today.
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC is an effective communication focused, uniquely designed, empowerment firm, geared toward strengthening and enhancing the lives of individuals, families, businesses and communities.  Our interactive strategies help to assure that our clients will be able to practice, empliment and utilize our techniques with ease.  
We pride ourselve on making our clients needs our biggest priority, which is why we also offer customized training courses and workshops as well.  If you are interested in recieving a consultation or just want to learn more about Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC, please contact us by using any of the methods found in the "contact" section of this site. 

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A day wasted is a day spent learning nothing, so always make room in your day for growth, because you are your empire!!!.
Lakesha Jordan
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC is aware that all of our members and customers are unique.  We take the time to come into the environment that best suits your level of comfort.  This is why our consultations are held at the time, location, and/or based on the communication method that you pick.  Whether you're more comfortable in your home, or at a restaraunt we want you to know how valuable your level of comfort is to us. 
Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC is aware that we can accomplish more when we work as a team to enhance our communities. Therefore, we accept donations.  We also encourage everyone to consider learning more about how they can sponsor at risk youth in the community.  With our sponsorship program we allow our the community members and businesses to be either a silent or visiable sponsors to at risk youth.  If you are a individual or business looking to sponsor or donate to Empower Empire Empowerment Firm LLC please contact the CEO, Lakesha Jordan, directly.  Click on the "contact" icon at the top of the page for all contact information
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